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How to link your Pro plugin to the new ChatGPT interface

As a valued paid user, you can now supercharge your ChatGPT-4 experience with the AskYourPDF Pro Plugin. If you've encountered any challenges using the Pro Plugin on ChatGPT-4, please follow these straightforward steps to seamlessly integrate the AskYourPDF Pro Plugin.

From your ChatGPT-4 user interface.

Select the Dropdown
Choose Plugins
Select the AskYourPDF Pro Plugin (Black Logo)



With the plugin now active, you can continue exploring our advanced features and enjoying enhanced document processing capabilities right within your ChatGPT environment.

Should you require any further assistance or encounter any issues, our support team is readily available to assist you. Enjoy the enhanced capabilities of your ChatGPT experience with AskYourPDF Pro!

Updated on: 21/11/2023

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