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AskYourPDF Research Assistant

We are excited to announce the launch of the new version of our AI tool, AskYourPDF Research Assistant.

This upgraded version is designed to significantly improve how you interact with documents, offering a suite of enhanced features and capabilities. As a valued user, we invite you to transition to this advanced platform and enjoy a more efficient and enriched experience.

AYP Research Assistant

Key Enhancements in AskYourPDF Research Assistant:

Enhanced Accuracy: Get more precise and reliable answers to your queries, thanks to our improved AI algorithms.
Organize PDFs into Knowledge Bases: Effortlessly categorize your PDFs into well-structured knowledge bases, enabling you to interact with multiple documents simultaneously.
Advanced Writing Assistance: Generate essays and articles with valid citations. Our tool now assists in creating well-researched and referenced documents.
Automated Source Finding: Automatically locate sources for any AI-generated text, ensuring your content is backed by credible information.
Access to Latest Research Papers: Stay ahead in your field with easy access to the latest papers, complete with detailed summaries.
PDF Comparison Feature: Compare multiple PDFs side-by-side for a comprehensive analysis.

Exclusive Benefits for Paid Plan Users:
If you are currently on a paid plan, upgrading to the new AskYourPDF Research Assistant not only grants you access to these new features but also allows you to enjoy all the existing benefits of your plan at no additional cost.

How to Upgrade:
Upgrading is simple and seamless at no extra cost. Kindly follow the link to transition to the new AskYourPDF Research Assistant.

Important Notice:
Please be aware that the older version of the plugin will soon be deprecated. We highly encourage you to make the switch to the new AskYourPDF Research Assistant to continue enjoying uninterrupted service and the added advantages of our latest innovations.

Nonetheless, the AskYourPDF Pro plugin remains accessible on ChatGPT4 through the ChatGPT plugin store for your convenience, should you choose to continue using it for the time being. Kindly follow our documentation on this here

Should you still want to interact with the plugins, you are encouraged to use the AskYourPDF plugin pro [black logo].

For any assistance or queries regarding the upgrade process, please feel free to contact our support team.

Thank you for choosing AskYourPDF.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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