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Effective Document Prompting Guide

AskYourPDF is an AI-driven platform designed to enhance your document interaction experience. Whether you're uploading documents, seeking specific information, summarizing content, and accessing our knowledge base service, understanding how to effectively prompt the system is key to getting the best results. This guide will provide you with best practices for prompting, ensuring you make the most out of AskYourPDF's capabilities.


Be Specific and Clear: Clearly define what you need from the AI. LLMs do not perform magic, specificity leads to more accurate and useful responses.

Use Relevant Keywords: Include key terms related to your query to guide the AI towards the desired information.

Keep It Simple: Avoid overly long or complex prompts, use straightforward language. Complex sentences can confuse the AI. Simplicity often yields better results.

Be Objective: Ask clear, fact-based questions available in the uploaded document and avoid personal opinions.

Iterative Approach: If the initial response isn’t satisfactory, refine your prompt based on the AI's output and try again.

One Question at a Time: Ask one question per prompt to avoid confusion and mixed responses.

Good and Bad Prompt Examples


Good Prompts:

What are the legal arguments used in the case study on page 12 of the uploaded document?
What specific strategies are outlined in the plan to increase daily visits and clicks?
List the three main findings in the conclusion of the uploaded research paper.
Extract the data about patient recovery rates from the table in the uploaded medical journal.
Identify the methodologies used in the experiment detailed on pages 5 to 7.
Summarize the discussion about renewable energy in the introduction of the uploaded report.
How does the document propose to improve the average position and visitor to lead conversion rate?
What are the primary functions of Material Resources Management?
What are the key elements of health financing discussed in the paper?
Can you explain the logic model for monitoring and evaluating public health programmes/projects?

Bad Prompts:

What does the document say?
Give me some information from the paper.
I need details from this document.
Tell me about the research.
What's in the conclusion?
Translate this document to chinese. AskYourPDF does NOT offer translation services
Compare the reports in this document with that of Tesla Q3 reports
How many times is the word “chromosome” mentioned in the document?
How many words are contained in the document?
Summarise chapter 10 of the document Kindly use the our summerisation service for document summary


Good Prompts:

Provide a brief summary of the key themes in the first three chapters of the uploaded book.
Summarize the case study findings from the document I just uploaded.
Give me a concise overview of the historical background section in the document.
Create a summary of the discussion on climate change impacts from the report.
Summarize the product development process described in the uploaded business plan.

Bad Prompts:

Just summarize this document.
Make a summary of the document.
I need a summary, do it.
Summarize everything.
Give me the main points, wherever they are.


Good Prompts:

From the uploaded legal documents, what are the main points about intellectual property rights?
In the collection of medical journals, what treatment methods are suggested for type 2 diabetes?
Using the uploaded business reports, summarize the market trends in digital advertising from 2023.
What are the environmental impacts of fracking discussed in the science articles I uploaded?
From the history papers, can you list the causes of the First World War mentioned?

Bad Prompts:

Tell me something about the documents in my knowledge base.
What's in the medical journals I uploaded?
Give me some business info.
What do the science articles say?
I need history facts from the documents

Effective prompting is a skill that enhances your interaction with AskYourPDF. By following these best practices and learning from the examples provided, you can ensure more accurate and relevant responses, thereby improving your productivity and the quality of your work. Remember, practice and refinement are key to mastering the art of prompting.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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